21 entreprises européennes qui valent plus d’un milliard de dollars

Voici les 21 entreprises européennes qui appartiennent à cette élite dont deux françaises (classement par valorisation et ordre alphabétique).

21. Avast Software, République Tchèque, édition de logiciel — 1 Md$ d



The Yen-Bitcoin Carry Trade

Japan Legalization a Gamechanger

According to Trace, this was all set in motion just last month when Japan officially recognized bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal payment methods, which set off a flurry of buying in the cryptocurrency space. Trace again:


China’s building a mega city from scratch – it’s going to suck in lots of steel, copper

Xiongan New Area is designed to relieve the pressure on Beijing which is being choked by overcrowding, pollution and traffic congestion. The central government will relocate many state-owned companies and institutions including universities to Xiongan. By linking the new city to Tainjin authorities hope it will become an engine of growth to rival Shenzen (the first Special Economic Zone created in 1980) in the Pearl River delta, as well as Shanghai and the Yangtze River delta megalopolis.