Blue Planet Synthesis Paper for UNEP

Our Vision
The current global development model is unsustainable. We can no longer assume that our
collective actions will not trigger tipping points, as environmental thresholds are breached,
risking irreversible damage to both ecosystems and human communities. Therefore, our vision
must be to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality, make growth more sustainable and inclusive,
production and consumption more sustainable, combating climate change, and respecting other
planetary boundaries. This will require recognizing, understanding and acting on
interconnections between the economy, society and the natural environment.
Sustainable development is fundamentally a question of people’s opportunities to influence
their future, claim their rights and voice their concerns. Effective governance and respect for
human rights are key prerequisites for empowering people to make sustainable choices. A
serious shift towards sustainable development requires gender equality and an end to persistent
discrimination against women. The next major increment of global well-being could well come
from the full empowerment of women.

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