Nano Apocalypse Nears

Coinciding with these mysterious child deaths, Minister Skvortsova says, was the near immediate closing of 2 textile mills in Bihar that were working under a contract with theAryabhatta Knowledge University, one of the leading research centers for nanotechnology in India, where fabrics were being impregnated with silver nanoparticles.

Minister Skvortsova says in her report that the “commonality” between these child deaths and the closing of the 2 textile mills was the wastewater runoff these children played in where they were “more than likely” exposed to high levels of silver nanoparticles which led to a collapse of their body’s immune systems.

The danger of silver nanoparticles were first outlined by the New Scientist News Service in 2008 when they warned that the release of these particles could potentially disrupt helpful bacteria used in waste-water treatment facilities or endanger aquatic organisms in lakes and streams.


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