Putin Orders Military To Cross Turkey “Red Line”, Prepare To Sink NATO Warships

A foreboding Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has ordered Federation military forces to cross Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s “red line” by assisting Syrian Kurds in defeating ISIS, and has further authorized the immediate sinking of the NATO warships that have just entered the Black Sea should they near the nation’s territorial boundaries.

According to this report, President Erdogan’s “red line” regarding the Kurdish peoples in Syria was drawn by him this past February when he stated: “We will never allow the establishment of a [Kurdish] state in Syria’s north and our south. We will continue our fight in this regard no matter what it costs.”

Erdogan’s greatest fear, this report explains, is the link up of the three majority Kurdish cantons of northern Syria (Jazira, Kobane and Afrin) which would eliminate the territory now held by Turkish armed Islamic terrorists providing his terroristic criminal cartel with $800 million of profit earned this year alone from the smuggling of illegal Islamic State oil being funneled through this area to the port of Ceyhan in the Adana Province in southern Turkey.



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