A supposedly peaceful era

What explains this phenomenon in a supposedly peaceful era? Answers can be classified into three broad areas: territories, industries, and ideas. First, disputes over border and maritime regions are fueling tensions. One example is the India-Pakistan conflict; not coincidentally, Pakistan acquired 150 new fighter jets last year. At the same time, Pakistan’s acquisition of eight submarines and India’s of ten submarines and 16 destroyers indicate that both are targeting national security threats beyond Kashmir. Likewise, territorial disputes in the South China Sea are pressing East Asian governments to boost military expenditures. Last year, China added 12 Luyang III-class destroyers and 24 frigates, while Vietnam added two submarines and four frigates. The Philippines announced a 25 percent increase in its defense budget, focusing on modernization of ship and aircraft fleets. In an obvious reference to South China Sea disputes, the Budget Secretary stated, “We need to protect what is clearly within our territorial jurisdiction.”


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