Конец транзитного шантажа: Россия пускает поезда в обход Украины

Конец транзитного шантажа: Россия пускает поезда в обход Украины

Конец транзитного шантажа: Россия пускает поезда в обход Украины




Neuron Drone Soars at 609MPH: France Edges Closer to Autonomous Fighter Jet

The French Air Force conducted initial sea trial of a demonstrator of the Neuron combat drone on July 6 according to a spokesperson for France’s defense procurement agency.

The demonstrator for the unmanned combat aerial vehicle flew out at sea for “about an hour” at some 1,000 feet, flying both with and without Rafale fighter jets. The flight test was a critical hurdle before the next-generation stealth drone reaches the production phase and is ultimately incorporated into the fleet.


Nano-satellites dominate space and spread spies in the skies

The International Space Station, in orbit 400km above Earth, is turning out to be a useful launch platform for small satellites. They are brought up in batches and later released into somewhat lower orbits where they could not collide with the ISS. The ISS deployed 49 satellites in 2015 and 36 so far this year, according to the Space Foundation. Most are launched from a special CubeSat deployment device developed by NanoRacks of the US for the ISS. “There is a tremendous backlog of small satellites waiting to be launched,” says Mr Walter-Range. “For example, Rocket Lab have 18 months of solid bookings even though they haven’t flown yet.”


Donald Trump launched an all-out assault on America’s free-trade agreements

During a speech titled “Declaring American Economic Independence” earlier this week, Trump called for pulling out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and for Congress to refuse to ratify the landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership. He also demanded that presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pledge to withdraw from TPP on her first day in office, should she be elected.

He called NAFTA the “greatest jobs theft in history” during his Tuesday speech, given just outside of Pittsburgh, and later said during a rally in southeast Ohio that night that TPP is “another disaster done and pushed by special interests who just want to rape our country.”

“A continuing rape of our country,” he said. “That’s what it is, too. It’s a harsh word. It’s a rape of our country.”