Dodd-Frank critic Paul Atkins in frame for top SEC post

The Securities and Exchange Commission may come to resemble its pre-crisis self under Donald Trump, if the legacy, testimony and votes of the man advising the president-elect on financial regulation are any guide to the policies investors and Wall Street can expect.

Paul Atkins is a vocal critic of the Dodd Frank post-crisis regulations, believes in fewer rules for private investment funds and small businesses and opposes corporate penalties because, he says, they are ultimately paid by shareholders.

The libertarian and free-market thinker had a meeting with Mr Trump this week as the president-elect continues to make cabinet appointments. Agency positions, including the SEC, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and others will follow.

Mr Atkins, who was an SEC commissioner from 2002 until August 2008, could be named SEC chairman or given another key position. Washington strategists who know him say he has expressed interest in the vice-chairman of supervision at the Federal Reserve, which would give him oversight of banking and systemic risk.

Mr Atkins did not respond to requests for comment.


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