NATO Auditor General suicided in Belgium

NATO Auditor General was found dead in Belgium. The body of Yves Chandelon was found in the city of Andenne, in 140 kilometers from the place of his work and 100 km from Lens where he lived.

According to local mass media, the auditor committed suicide. He was found shot in the head. However, the family is vehemently denying he was suicidal and doesn’t believe in the suicide version, Life reported.

The NATO auditor had three weapons that have been registered to the 60-year-old man. However, an unregistered weapon was found next to his body, Belg24 reported.

Yves Chandelon, in particular, dealt with counteraction against terrorism financing issues, tracking who is NATO supplying with weapons and how money were spent.

Shortly before his death he reported receiving strange phone calls.


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