‘Go hungry’: Egyptian general tells millions to stop complaining

A major general in the Egyptian security services told Egyptians to stop complaining about hunger and poverty for the sake of the country’s prosperity, during a meeting at an unidentified location on Saturday.

In a video, circulated on social media, Mohamed Mansour was seen telling Egyptians it was “rude” of them to complain about rising prices or a shortage of food supplies.

“We want a kilo of oil, the oil is too expensive, no sugar… that’s just rude guys,” said Mansour mockingly of Egyptians complaining about the country’s economic crisis.

“There’s no other way to describe it,” he added.

He went on to encourage Egyptians to “go hungry” and “sacrifice their dinner” for the sake of Egypt.

Egyptians took to the streets in several cities on Tuesday in angry demonstrations at government cuts to bread subsidies.


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