Bashar’s Brilliant ‘Response’ to US Ambassador Haley’s ‘Assad Must Go’ Rant

The Syrian president has yet to offer an official response to the ambassador, and it remains to be seen whether he will do so at all, given the recent series of contradictory statements coming out of the White House regarding US Syria policy.

However, with Haley seemingly intent on dusting off the old Obama-era ‘Assad must go’ rhetoric, Sputnik decided to look back on the Syrian president’s response to such language from years past to get some indication of his expected response.

For example, in an oft-quoted interview for Russian media from September 2015, Assad emphasized that it would be up to the Syrian people, not any outside power, to decide his fate.

“As for the president, he comes to power with the people’s assent through elections, and if he leaves, he leaves if the people demand it, not because of the judgment of the United States, the UN Security Council, the Geneva Conference or the Geneva Communique,” Assad

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